Team Information


Collective action to establish rights and entitlement for the life and livelihood of deprived and distressed people are thrust of programs. Our approach is integrated service delivery to the people in need and solve the program are supported by the program participants through their contribution. Individuals, government, and other development partners also share the cost and sharing is gradually decreasing. The design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the programs are done with involving different stakeholders including program participants.

The report contains a brief analysis of those activities that have been accomplished by RISDA-Bangladesh in 2016-17. Here we tried to provide an account of our achievements, challenges, and learning and the stories of our success.Like the previous years, we have shown our commitment to our program participants and worked hard with dedication to keep our commitment.

In the last, our program coverage and diversity were increased than those of previous years. The coverage of microfinance programs was three times higher than the previous years. Improved Cook Stove (ICS), Solar Street Light, and Agent Banking were our new interventions for this year. our functional management team was reorganized to tackle the diversity and quality enhancement of the program. We had an assessment of organizational capacity with a set tool and developed a plan for the capacity development of the organization. A Five Years Strategic Plan was developed for a common understanding of all stakeholders for strategic direction for the next five years. Program operational Manuals were updated to strengthen the program of the organization.

During the reporting period, we have got much appreciation from our different stakeholders who made visits and intensively observe our program.We have received some recognition from the different national organizations. These were the inspiration for our hard work. Here we thank our EC, all levels of staff, sponsors, and people with whom we  Are working for their continuous support. Hope the report will be enlightening to its potential readers about RISDA-Bangladesh performance for 2016-17